Carriers Implement Port Congestion Charge Effective November 17, 2014

November 14, 2014

In the last 24 hours, five ocean carriers Hanjin, CMA CGM, EvergreenNYK and Shipco announced to their customers that they will implement a port congestion surcharge next week.

The port congestion surcharge will apply to all U.S. destined cargo via West Coast ports,arriving on or after November 17th as follows:

Port Congestion Surcharge – Effective 11/17/14
Container Type Surcharge Level
W/M $20.00 USD
20′ $800.00 USD
40′ $1,000.00 USD
40′ HC $1,125.00 USD
45′ $1,266 USD

Hanjin explains in their customer notice that the charge is “to cover massive increase in costs arising from significant increases in port congestion and serious disruption to our normal course of operation due to labor unrest or action”.

Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc. will continue to monitor this situation closely and will track updates and will refresh the information as it becomes available.


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