Port Congestion Surcharge Effective November 26

Several ocean carriers have announced the Port Congestion Surcharge, which was ultimately delayed after being reported it would go into effect on November 17th, will now go into effect Wednesday, November 26th. This surcharge is based upon in gate – at origin (in gate/cargo receipt). The surcharge will affect cargo moving eastbound into West coast ports; and the majority of ocean carriers are intending to implement the charge at the following levels:

Container Type Surcharge Level
LCL Pending
20′ $800.00 USD
40′ $1,000.00 USD
40′ HC $1,125.00 USD
45′ $1,266 USD

There have been no indications that the cargo congestion situation is easing along West coast ports. Reports regarding the congestion as of Thursday (Nov 20th) pointed to nine containerships anchored off the LA-LB ports, awaiting berth, and another seven awaiting berth at the ports of Seattle/Tacoma. 

The carriers have explained that there are various factors which are attributed to the deteriorating port congestion situation along the U.S. West Coast, i.e; “equipment availability issues”, “labor related disruptions”, etc.


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