Ocean Carriers Temporarily Omit Oakland, CA Port Call

Logistics firm Marisol International is reporting that due to severe congestion and unresolved labor issues at the Port of Oakland, select carriers have announced they will omit the Oakland port call until further notice.  According to reports, 10 to 15 ships are anchored in the San Francisco Bay daily awaiting berths at Oakland marine terminals.  As a result, carriers have amended vessel schedules in an effort to relieve congestion.

UASC stated it will temporarily omit the Port of Oakland on all future AWS1, AWS2 and AWS3 vessels until further notice.  Import cargo already in possession with an Oakland port of discharge for the AWS1, AWS2 and AWS3 vessels will be delivered to Oakland.  UASC will continue to call the Port of Oakland for AWS4 vessels.  Oakland cargo will only be accepted to and from: Fuzhou, Xiamen, Nansha, Hong Kong and Yantian.

Additionally, Hapag-Lloyd notified customers earlier this week that the Oakland port call will be temporarily suspended for its WAN service.  The first vessel not to call at the Port of Oakland will be the Cap Pasado V.920N/924S, with an ETA into Oakland of February 6, 2015.  All Oakland import cargo currently loaded on this vessel will be discharged in Vancouver, BC to connect to a feeder with an ETA into Oakland of February 10, 2015.  It has been reported that Hamburg Sϋd, Maersk Line and ANL-USL will also omit Oakland port calls.  Due to vessel sharing agreements, the above stated changes will impact additional ocean carriers’ vessel schedules as well.

Furthermore, the ILWU will hold their monthly Union Meeting today.  As a result, there will not be any work during 2nd shift within the Port of Oakland.  The in-gate will close at 3 pm to ensure all trucks inside the terminal will be serviced.


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