Southco’s Annual Product Review

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Southco, one of Austin Hardware’s key manufacturing partners, upheld their long tradition of developing innovative new technologies and building on their core line of access hardware products in 2014, as they focused their world class engineering resources on functionality and design flexibility upgrades. This allowed Southco to further strengthen their standard product offering, while expanding on their innovative Positioning Technology and Electronic Access Solutions.

We invite you to read more about their new product releases from 2014 and call your nearest Austin Hardware locations to inquire about pricing and availability.

Compact Tilt and Swivel Display Mount

Southco compact tilt and swivel display mountSouthco’s AV-C20 Compact Tilt and Swivel Display Mount provides reliable tilt and swivel functionality for smaller, lighter displays. Integrated positioning technology provides precise control, allowing a display to be tilted at various angles with minimal operating effort. Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials, this compact, lightweight display mount offers a tested, repeatable cycle life that ensures long-term use indoors and out.
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Tilt Display Mount (T Series)

Southco tilt display mountSouthco’s Tilt Display Mount (T Series) is now available with or without counterbalanced constant torque. The AV-D25 Tilt Display Mount Basic provides reliability and proven tilt positioning and offers a basic solution for moving and positioning heavy panels and displays, while the counterbalanced version provides even lower operating efforts.
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DZUS® D5 Panel Line Quarter-Turn Fastener

Southco Dzus D5 panel line quarter turn fastenerSouthco’s DZUS® D5 Panel Line Quarter-Turn Fastener is one of the first fully captive quarter-turn assemblies available on the market today, offering limitless design possibilities for a broad range of industry applications where quick-access is necessary. The DZUS® D5 features a flare-in stud assembly, eliminating the possibility of dropped or lost hardware components and providing accurate, secure engagement and vibration resistance.
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AC Cables

Southco AC cablesSouthco’s complete rotary latching system uses three elements to create remote actuation: Rotary Latch (R4), Cable (AC) and Actuator (AC). Southco’s AC Cables connect the actuator to the rotary latch, allowing remote latching. Southco’s AC Cables are available in seven different options and end fitting styles to suit a wide range of application requirements across industries.
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Two-Stage Rotary Latch

Southco two-stage rotary latchSouthco’s R4-10 Two-Stage Rotary Latch provides increased operator safety by eliminating false latching conditions in enclosure applications. The compact design of the R4-10 Two-Stage Rotary Latch occupies minimal space within the enclosure, providing concealed latching and increased security.
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Security System Integration Kit

Southco security system integration kitSouthco’s EA-A01 Security System Integration Kit simplifies the cabling and connections necessary between Southco’s H3-EM Electronic Swinghandle with Integrated Card Reader and any Wiegand based access control system. The Integration Kit features easy plug-and-play installation, integrating with existing building access control infrastructure and extending data center security down to the rack level using readily available structured cabling.
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Non-Locking Actuators

Southco non-locking actuatorsSouthco’s high-strength, corrosion-resistant AC-30 and AC-40 Actuators are now available in non-locking versions that provide quick, reliable actuation in rugged environments and interior applications. The AC-30 features push button actuation and simple installation for limited space applications, while the AC-40 features a large integrated handle and push button for easy actuation with a gloved hand.
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Miniature Spring-Loaded Plunger

Southco miniature spring loaded plungerSouthco’s new 56 Miniature Spring-Loaded Plunger enables quick-access fastening in limited space applications and is available with an over-molded head that can be used to designate access through an array of standard and custom color options. Similar to Southco’s standard 56 series, the 56 Mini offers simplified positioning of sliding components, simple installation and quick-release for easy removal.
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Self-Contained Electronic Locking System

Southco self contained electronic locking systemSouthco’s new SC Self-Contained Electronic Locking System combines an access control device, electronic lock, electrical override and power supply into a single unit. This AA battery-operated system is available with keypad or RFID access and features a stylish ergonomic design and drop in assembly. The system provides full electronic locking functionality for a variety of applications, simplifying the upgrade from mechanical to electronic access.
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Heavy Duty Actuators

Southco heavy duty actuatorsConstructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, AC-10 and AC-15 Actuators provide reliable actuation of a latch in heavy duty applications. The AC-10 features flush-mount installation and provides direct, single or multipoint actuation, while the AC-15 provides direct actuation and features a surface mount design that minimizes protrusion.
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AV-D32 Series Display Mounts

Southco AV-D32 series display mountsSouthco has expanded its AV Display Mount offering with the AV-D32 Series, which includes a next generation Tilt and Swivel Mount (K Series), a Tilt, Swivel and Single Swing Arm (A Series), and a Tilt, Swivel and Dual Swing Arm (A Series). AV-D32 Series Display Mounts offer the same integrated Positioning Technology and validated cycle life as Southco’s first generation mounts in an economical, streamlined package.
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Stainless Steel Surface Mount Hinge

Southco ss hingeSouthco’s new stainless steel N6 Surface Mount Hinge features an updated design that provides superior durability in corrosive environments. The stainless steel N6 Hinge is available in six sizes and with optional covers, offering maximum design flexibility. Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel materials with passivated or high gloss finishes, the N6 Hinge provides a refined look without sacrificing functionality.
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R4-EM 8 Series Electronic Rotary Latch

Southco R4-EM 8 series electronic rotatry latchSouthco’s R4-EM 8 Series Electronic Rotary Latch combines the efficient and robust performance of a rotary latch mechanism with simplified DC motor actuation. The R4-EM 8 Series is available with an optional door sensor, integrated connector and mechanical override bracket. Flexible, concealed installation provides vandal-resistance and accommodates a variety of cabinet designs.
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