Charity Football Pool – Week #10 Update

Charity Football Image REV 9.2

And now there are STILL TWO … but in a very unusual way.

In a normal week, when there’s no movement in the pool it’s because all of the remaining players successfully picked a winner. This, however, was not a normal week by any measure.

The week was defined by road upsets, which started on Thursday night when the Bills took down the Jets at The Meadowlands with the teams sporting uniforms looking like they were designed for Santa’s largest elves. If you saw it, you know what I mean.

The road dogs continued to dominate on Sunday with wins by Jacksonville, Miami, Chicago, Minnesota, and Kansas City. But none was more shocking than the Lions’ defeat of the Packers, which was their first win in Green Bay since 1991. One of our remaining players picked Green Bay in this game, which set the drama for Monday night, as our other remaining player had Cincinnati.

So, all we needed was for the Bengals, 8-0 on the season and a solid 12-point home favorite, to dispatch the 3-5 Houston Texans, and we’d have our winner. Well, befitting the week that was, that didn’t happen, as the Texans pulled off the upset, 10-6, in the most sleep-inducing game of 2015.

So, where does that leave us? Per our rules, as noted below, both players will be granted a “Mulligan” and allowed to continue until we have a winner. So …

Week #10 by the numbers:
2 players began Week #10
Both picked incorrectly thus are awarded a “Mulligan”
2 advance to Week #11

Note: Now that the pool has been reduced to only 2 players, the possibility exists for BOTH to be eliminated in the same week. If that happens we’ll give both players a “Mulligan” and let them keep going until we do have just one remaining.

 Charities Win!

Austin Hardware, along with our great partner TrimLok, will donate a total of $7,500 in the name of the winner(s) to one or a combination of the following charities:

  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • National Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • United Way
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  • Make-A-Wish America
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Humane Society of the United States

If you have any questions, please contact Austin Hardware’s Media Manager Rob Dell’Elmo at

Click HERE to make next week’s picks!

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