New Product Announcement – Compact Rotary Latch


Learn more about Southco’s R4-10 Rotary Latch

New Compact Rotary Latch Features Dual Trigger Actuation

Southco’s new R4-10 Rotary Latch with Dual Trigger features a compact design and multiple points of actuation, allowing the latch to be triggered by two independent actuators. Dual actuation points and its compact size make the R4-10 with Dual Trigger an ideal solution for doors and panels that require actuation from multiple positions. For instance, the R4-10 with Dual Trigger facilitates access when entering or exiting an entry door, or when accessing a larger panel or piece of equipment from two separate points.

  • Dual point design allows the rotary latch to be actuated from different points
  • Compact design minimizes protrusion within enclosure applications
  • Provides concealed latching with push-to-close convenience
  • Allows remote actuation when paired with Southco cables and actuators

Contact Austin Hardware & Supply for more information or click here for product specifications from Southco.


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