Labor Walk-Off Taking Place at Port of NY/NJ

Jan 29, 2016

From MIQ Logistics Supply Chain Report

The Port Authority of NY/NJ has reported a labor walk-off that took place at 10:53 this morning involving the workers of the International Longshoremen’s Association.

In a statement from the Port Authority: “there is an apparent labor walk off at all PONYNJ terminals. No truck operations at this time. All efforts to resume activity will be undertaken.” The Port Authority also stated that “due to the current work stoppage in the port, no new trucks will be allowed to queue on port roadways. Do not send trucks to the Port at this time.”

It has been reported that up to 4,000 longshoremen were part of the walk-off, however the exact count is unknown at this time.

As of 2:00 p.m. E.T. there has not been a press release on the ILA website that would provide any indication as to the reasoning behind the walk-off.

The Port Authority has urged ILA members to return to work in their most recent statement, “as the agency that oversees the largest port complex on the East Coast, we strongly urge the ILA members to return to work immediately and resolve their differences after they return.”


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